Monthly Archive for November, 2014

Our Senses – Lesson – Year 1.3 – Ms. Sherise

During this lesson students used their senses to touch, smell, feel, hear and taste water.

In these pictures, students are tasting water with salt; lemon and sugar.

Eco Skola Elections

During the first weeks of this scholastic year we have held the elections for the Ecoskola council. Pupils from year 3 till year 6 were encouraged to contest for the elections and we had a very good turnover of contenders. The voting was done online using the Ilearn voting system. Each class teacher inputted the names of the pupils who contested. A big thanks goes to Miss Giles, our IT support teacher, for her precious help in coordinating the system.

The pupils promoted themselves to gain votes from their peers by preparing charts from recycled material and by doing speeches in front of the whole class. With this initiative pupils had the opportunity to address a large number of people and enhance their creativity on what they can do to improve their school.

In order to ensure that all eligible pupils had their chance to vote, the voting process was spread over 2 days. Once the voting processes was complete, the pupil with the highest votes from each class was determined. These pupils are going to represent their classmates and all the school during the Ecoskola council meetings. These meetings are going to be held every fourth night during the midday break.

The names of the students who were elected on the Ecoskola council are:

Class 3.1     Mariah Refalo

Class 3.2     Xylon Abela

Class 3.3     Mathew Camilleri

Class 4.1     Kayden Grech

Class 4.2     Danica Micallef

Class 4.3     Iker Buontempo

Class 5.1     Kane Hudson

Class 5.2     Maya Sammut

Class 5.3     Mariah Scembri

Class 6.1     Janice Farrugia

Class 6.2     Maleck Haj Moussa

Class 6.3     Zack Bezzina

A big well done to all these pupils.

Mr. Malcolm Aquilina

Ecoskola co-ordinator