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Sushi Sandwiches

Last Friday we tried the Sushi Sandwiches, and they turned out so delicious that we wanted to share it with you.

It’s a very simple recipe that you can do at home with your parents /guardians. You will enjoy it and you can have it as lunch for school as well.


• 4 slices wholemeal/whitebread, remove the crusts (ask someone to help you for this)

• Spreadable cream / paté (it can be cheese, tuna or olive)

• Some pitted olives (black or green)


1. Place braed sliced on a chopping board. Using a rolling pin , flatten the bread.

2. Spread one 1 sideof each slice with the spreadable cream / paté.

3. Roll up bread tightly to enclose filling and cut into 3 small portions.

4. Cut the pitted olives and decorate the top of each one with a little bit of spreadable cream / paté (so it can hold the olive in place.)

Xalata ta’ Kitba – Festa Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb 2013

Il-Fondazzjoni għal Servizzi Edukattivi (FES) bil-kollaborazzjoni mal-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb ser torganizza Esperjenza ta’ Kitba għall-familji. Din hija opportunita` għall-ġenituri li jixtiequ jaqsmu ftit tal-ħin m’uliedhom f’attivita` edukattiva marbuta mal-kitba u l-qari.
Dati: 15, 16, 17 ta’ Novembru 2013.

Ara iżjed informazzjoni billi tagħfas fuq il-link:

Xalata ta Kitba – Festival tal-Ktieb Novembru 2013 – Applikazzjoni


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