Monthly Archive for March, 2013


GreenMt paid a visit to our school (watch video here) and spoke to all the children at our school about the importance of the 5 R’s. They also spoke to us about a new initiative that GreenMt is starting as from the 1st Of April. Students are encouraged to collect plastic and paper and bring them along to school. At the end of the competition this will be weighed and the school who collects the largest ammount of material will win. Many schools are partecipating, so starts bringing your paper and plastic to school and lets RECYCLE

Green Dot Award

Our School Won the Green Dot award, an award created our College Principal. This  will be awarded every year to the school within the College with the most initiatives towards the environment. Our School won the first award and we were given a trophy to keep for one Year  and a plaque which will be displayed in a prominent place. Well done to all.

Green Pak

Our school participated for the Second year running in the GreenPak initiative Irricikla għall-Istrina. Our students did a wonderful job and eagerly brought loads of plastic cap to school. Malek, a student at our school brought loads and loads of caps, and with his help along with other students at St Venera, we managed to collect a staggering 1161,5kg of plastic caps – 387,167 caps in all. This was worked out per capita for a total of 2.45kg per student or 815 caps per student. Our School came third from all the participating schools. GreenPak gave money to Istrina for every Kg collected. Through this Initiative, our school helped those in need.

Sportiv tas-Sena

Bħala parti mill-attivitajiet bi preparazzjoni għall-Prempju Sportiv tas-Sena, ġie jżurna Manty Buġeja li huwa Sportiv illi jipparteċipa fid-dixxiplina tad-Drag Racing.

L-istudenti kellhom l-opportunita li jitkellmu u jistaqsu dwar din id-dixxiplina.

Kienet laqgħa interessanti u l-istudenti ħadu pjaċir jitkellmu ma Manty u jsiru jafu iktar dwar dan l-isports.

Outing Year 4

Last Friday all the Year 4 children went to an outing. Fortunately the weather turned out to be great! We left school at 9 o’clock and our first stop was the museum of Natural History. This museum is situated in Mdina, Rabat or better called ‘The silent city’. In this museum we saw animals of different kinds and sizes from all over the world. These animals were all living animals a long time ago. There was a tiger, a cheetah, lion, different kinds of bats, monkeys and much more.

Another very interesting display was that of insects, butterflies, moths, beetles, dragonflies, bees and wasps, many of which we have never seen before because they have become extinct. Going to this museum gave us the opportunity to take a closer look at these little creatures.

Another hall was full of different kinds of birds breeding on our islands. There are also a small number of birds that are extinct from breeding in Malta. This means that we do not see them in Malta anymore. Another very interesting display showed fossil remains, mainly of sea life creatures.

Our second stop was the Crypt of St. Agatha and St. Paul’s Catacombs. We went there by walk as these are also situated in Rabat. We have learned that the Crypt is dedicated to St. Agatha for a reason. Our tour guide narrated us the story of St. Agatha. You can take a look at the story of St. Agatha by clicking on the following link: . In the Crypt that are also a number of frescos, which are paintings painted directly on the wall.

From St. Agatha’s Crypt we went to St. Paul’s Catacombs. These are underground graves where people, a very long time ago (4th century before Christ) used to bury their relatives and pray. It is very interesting to know that in St. Paul’s catacombs there are 25 original skeletons and the temperature is 20 degrees Celcius all year round. We also saw the ‘Agape tables’. The word Agape means love. The people used these tables to eat together after a burial.

Nurture Class

Welcome to the Nurture Group

This scholastic year 2012-2013 we introduced our new Nurture Room in our school. It took a while to complete the room since it required lots of planning and hard work. We managed to combine the kitchenette with the nurture room so as to use the furniture which was already available. The room is now complete and it is situated in room 9 on the first floor.

The Nurture Group works on a programme where it reflects the students’ social, emotional and behavioural needs. Support is provided to individual students to help them integrate and be included in mainstream.

Check out our Nurture blog on our website;

See you in the Nurture Group!

Ms. Lorraine (Nurture Group teacher).

Ms Josette – Kinder

During the month of November 2012 Ms.Josette’s Kindergaten class 2.1 covered the topic of diversity. Every week a new continent was briefly introduced covering culture, traditions and religion.

Since Malta and Holland are both situated in the continent of Europe, Holland was a country of great interest.  The children were fascinated by the vast and colourful fields of tulips that grow in this flat country, the windmills and wheels of delicious cheese.

The painting of the ‘Vase with Twelve Sunflowers ‘by  the great artist Vincent Van Gogh was an inspiration to the class which become part  of the week’s project.

This project helped to instill from a tender age the love for art and to introduce Vincent Van Gogh as one of the many great artists of all times.

Dinja Waħda Award

Our School was awarded the Gold Award for our work in the Dinja Waħda project. Well done to all the children at our school, for their hard work.

Carnival Activity

Watch Video here

On the first day of Carnival, Friday 8th February, our school was an explosion of colours and costumes. It was a day full of fun activities for all including food and entertainment.

Children also took a class picture ( Watch video here)

It was a fun day for all.

Easter Holidays

March 27, 2013 8:30 amtoApril 3, 2013 12:00 am