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Year 1 Ms Sherise Symmetry Lesson

This is part of our symmetry lesson, in which we had the time to explore different lines of symmetry using paper, play dough, mirrors and flashcards.

Year 1 Ms Sherise Outing to Ta’ Qali

This is us when we went to Ta’ Qali. We met with different characters such as Barney, Hello Kitty and Ben Ten. We also had the opportunity to see a lot of animals, a live crib and we also had the chance to feed the animals. We had a great time!

Year 1 Ms Sherise Our Caterpillar

This is out caterpillar – pet. We are exploring how the caterpillar changes into a butterfly…. It already turned into a cocoon… We are waiting till it turns into a butterfly!

Year 1 Ms Sherise Preparing Coconut Balls

This is us preparing coconut balls during the Christmas period. We had the time to mix all ingredients and then prepare the coconut balls. Later we filled small plastic bags with coconut balls which were given to our parents as Christmas presents. Yummy…..

Year 1 Ms Sherise Christmas Party

This is us during our Christmas party in which we had time to eat, dance and play. In these pictures we are playing a wrapping paper game in which we had to remove a wrapping paper each time the music stopped… There were a lot of wrappings… but after some time we had a winner!

Year 1 Ms Sherise Christmas Concert

This is us before the Christmas concert. Some of us were the angels, some of us were dancers and two of us were Mary and Joseph.

Mrs Abela at Our School

On the 14th of Decembers Mrs Abela visited our school as part of the activities connected to Strina. Mrs Abela arrived at our school at noon and was met by Mrs Azzopardi our Head of School and Dr Fabri – Our College Principal. The students from Kindergarten along with their teachers and LSA’s were waiting for Mrs Abela by the front gate. Mrs Abela was met by claps and cheers all the way to the foyer where Our SMT members were awaiting. SMT  members from the other schools in the college were also present in the foyer together with our school council members and Student Council members. Mrs Abela walked to the Hall along the corridor lined up with students from our Year 2 and Year 3 classes. Mrs Abela walked to the hall and was greeted by Year 3 students in costume recreating the nativity Scene and found students from our year 4 and Year 6 waiting for her along with other students from the schools in our college.

Zdena Mizzi our Student Council President adressed the people present, followed by Mr Azzopardi and Mrs Abela also spoke about the importance of thinking about others and helping those in need.

After two students from each class presented the Piggy banks full of Money to Mrs Abela.

When all Piggy banks were presented Mrs Abela accompanied by SMT members went to the Head’s Office where she was presented by a card made out of recycled material. This card was made by Ms Shirley Demicoli and students from our school.

Corazon Alessandro also presented the first copy for this Scholastic Year  of  our magazine Minna t-Tfal.

After spending a short while in the office Mrs Abela left in the awaiting car.

It was such a wonderful occassion. Thanks to all. Watch Video

SDP Session. Schools ends at 12:00

January 22, 2013
12:30 pm

Beginning of Second Term

January 17, 2013

Xmas Holidays

December 22, 2012 8:30 amtoJanuary 6, 2013 12:00 am