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Our school Nurture Group

As a Nurture Group amongst many others we support the students in self-esteem enhancment, conflict resolution, team building and coping/life skills. Here our students enjoy circle time, making friends by giving out cards to their loved ones and get involved in cooking, arts and crafts as well as keeping fit.

Activities in Nurture Class

Nurture Class

Welcome to the Nurture Group

This scholastic year 2012-2013 we introduced our new Nurture Room in our school. It took a while to complete the room since it required lots of planning and hard work. We managed to combine the kitchenette with the nurture room so as to use the furniture which was already available. The room is now complete and it is situated in room 9 on the first floor.

The Nurture Group works on a programme where it reflects the students’ social, emotional and behavioural needs. Support is provided to individual students to help them integrate and be included in mainstream.

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See you in the Nurture Group!

Ms. Lorraine (Nurture Group teacher).