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Merit Day – Maths Through Sports – Scholastic Year 2013/2014 – Year 1

Our Senses – Lesson – Year 1.3 – Ms. Sherise

During this lesson students used their senses to touch, smell, feel, hear and taste water.

In these pictures, students are tasting water with salt; lemon and sugar.

Year 1.3 – Getting to know the Happy House characters

First week of school

World Book Day 2014

Il-ktieb favorit tieghi minn Klassi 1.1 – iklikkja hawn taht sabiex tara l-vidjo.

Learning Time – Year 1.1

Students in Year 1.1 – different activities during a lesson about time

Carnival – Year 1.1 – Ms. S.Bugeja

As a carnival activity, students in year 1.1 created a spider hat …

Below is a photo of students with costumes and their new 8-legged hats

Storytelling session – The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Year 1.1 – Ms. Sherise

This book is very interesting… students really liked to hear about the lifecycle of the butterfly… the different food that the caterpillar ate and the days of the week.

Give your heart to Jesus – Special Assembly by Year 1 – Ms. Beverley

Road Safety Lesson and Special Assembly by Year 1.1 – Ms. Sherise

In class students discussed various ways to keep themselves safe from traffic.

Especially the important mottos: Stop, Think and Listen! and Buckle Up!

Year 1.1 – Ms. Sherise – Waterproof or not? Experiment

During our Social Studies lesson we talked about weather and different clothes that we wear during different seasons. As part of this topic, students had the chance to test different materials and see if they are waterproof or not. Students took turns to test different materials and then recorded their results on their Social Studies workbooks =) It was a hands-on fun activity!