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Kitchen Garden

Spring in Ms Sylvana’s Class

Ms.Sylvana’s class kg 2.3 explored garden this month. Since it is spring, the theme that kids were exploring in class was gardening. They did this in many different ways. They sow there seeds, they had their own plant in class and in the kindergarten yard to take care and water.  They had hands on experience daily in class, playing and creating in their garden corner. They used potato to create their Mr. Potato head, and practiced the cutting skill exercise creating other craft. They also enjoyed rhyming and dancing an action rhyme “spring is here,” they followed and enjoyed also stories about spring. This all helps to instill in our pupils love for nature and respect. Our pupils went also on an outing to the Kitchen Garden San Anton. They could link what they learned in class to reality.

Ms Josette – Kinder

During the month of November 2012 Ms.Josette’s Kindergaten class 2.1 covered the topic of diversity. Every week a new continent was briefly introduced covering culture, traditions and religion.

Since Malta and Holland are both situated in the continent of Europe, Holland was a country of great interest.  The children were fascinated by the vast and colourful fields of tulips that grow in this flat country, the windmills and wheels of delicious cheese.

The painting of the ‘Vase with Twelve Sunflowers ‘by  the great artist Vincent Van Gogh was an inspiration to the class which become part  of the week’s project.

This project helped to instill from a tender age the love for art and to introduce Vincent Van Gogh as one of the many great artists of all times.