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Gymstars Outing – Year 4

Our school promotes a healthy lifestyle.

This we do by encouraging our pupils to eat healthy food and keep themselves fit.

In addition to weekly PE lessons, we organise special outings through which our pupils can practice sport disciplines which they cannot practice at school. The outing which our year 4 pupils had at GymStars was one of them. Many thanks to our dedicated PE teacher, Mr. Philip Cauchi, for organising such an event.

A Sparkly Jar for Christmas – Year 4 – Ms. Riann Gladwish

This year we decided to give our loved ones a beautiful sparkly jar where they can place all their precious items like jewelry, money or even some yummy sweets.

Snowmen in Summer- Year 4 – Ms. Riann Gladwish

Snowmen in summer. A healthy way to eat delicious food. Use rice cakes and any of your favourite toppings to make a delicious snowman.

Outing Year 4

Last Friday all the Year 4 children went to an outing. Fortunately the weather turned out to be great! We left school at 9 o’clock and our first stop was the museum of Natural History. This museum is situated in Mdina, Rabat or better called ‘The silent city’. In this museum we saw animals of different kinds and sizes from all over the world. These animals were all living animals a long time ago. There was a tiger, a cheetah, lion, different kinds of bats, monkeys and much more.

Another very interesting display was that of insects, butterflies, moths, beetles, dragonflies, bees and wasps, many of which we have never seen before because they have become extinct. Going to this museum gave us the opportunity to take a closer look at these little creatures.

Another hall was full of different kinds of birds breeding on our islands. There are also a small number of birds that are extinct from breeding in Malta. This means that we do not see them in Malta anymore. Another very interesting display showed fossil remains, mainly of sea life creatures.

Our second stop was the Crypt of St. Agatha and St. Paul’s Catacombs. We went there by walk as these are also situated in Rabat. We have learned that the Crypt is dedicated to St. Agatha for a reason. Our tour guide narrated us the story of St. Agatha. You can take a look at the story of St. Agatha by clicking on the following link: . In the Crypt that are also a number of frescos, which are paintings painted directly on the wall.

From St. Agatha’s Crypt we went to St. Paul’s Catacombs. These are underground graves where people, a very long time ago (4th century before Christ) used to bury their relatives and pray. It is very interesting to know that in St. Paul’s catacombs there are 25 original skeletons and the temperature is 20 degrees Celcius all year round. We also saw the ‘Agape tables’. The word Agape means love. The people used these tables to eat together after a burial.

Sports Day

It-tfal tar-raba sena kellhom sports day organizzata mill-SPU (Sport Promotion Unit) fil-Kulleġġ Santa Tereża fl-iskola Primarja Lija. Kienet ġurnata interessanti għall-istudenti kollha mimlija attiviitajiet sportivi.