Fiks in trouble – Kinder1.3 Ms.N.Attard

Dinja Waħda Activity
Fiks in trouble
Kinder1.3 Ms.N.Attard
St.Theresa College St.Venera Primary School

The aim of the activity is to strengthen the children’s innate bond with nature through storytelling with a moral.
After hearing the adventurous story of a butterfly named Fiks who was sent on a mission, the children created a frieze that followed Fiks in his adventures and the various characters he met. The activity was spread over a number of days adding features to the frieze gradually every time the story was repeated.
The children started the activity by colouring the different characters found in the story such as butterflies, mice, robins, a spider, a lizard and a bad boy. Videos were shown on the Interactive White Board which helped the children to learn about the lives of these characters. The children started the frieze by creating the forest. They made hand prints to form the leaves of the trees and later they painted the trunks and sponge printed the soil.
The next day, the children continued the frieze by pasting the mouse and his friends, the pine cone and the seed that hit Fiks. They pasted also some foil to form the rain.
On another day, the 3 year olds pasted a spider and its web, pasted Fiks who was trapped, a robin who saved the butterfly and another robin who wanted his tree for himself. The children continued the activity by forming and pasting real flowers and leaves. They pasted also the butterfly Fiks and the lizard. Next they glued a wall and placed Fiks on it. Later they pasted the bad boy and the other flowers.
While making the frieze, the children learnt a song about the adventures of Fiks and were recorded. The recording of the song can be heard here: Fiks

It-Tajra l-Imqarba

Tfal tal-K2.4 jirrakkontaw l-istorja ‘It-Tajra l-Imqarba’

Kindergarten pupils working on interactive activities for the topic ‘The Maltese Folklore’ during Digital Literacy Week’.

Sta Venera Primary, St Theresa College organised Merit Week on the topic ‘The Maltese Folklore’. The Kindergarten classes of the school decided to integrate the past with the present using technology to introduce the topic and to create interactive activities on the IWB.  Pupils were shown videos, powerpoints, and big books (created using powerpoint) about Maltese Folklore.  Various interactive games were also created for the IWB for the pupils to play on during the day.  The games and songs were then played and sung in the classroom together with the parents who were invited to visit to the school.

Merit Day – Maths Through Sports – Scholastic Year 2013/2014 – Year 1

Gymstars Outing – Year 4

Our school promotes a healthy lifestyle.

This we do by encouraging our pupils to eat healthy food and keep themselves fit.

In addition to weekly PE lessons, we organise special outings through which our pupils can practice sport disciplines which they cannot practice at school. The outing which our year 4 pupils had at GymStars was one of them. Many thanks to our dedicated PE teacher, Mr. Philip Cauchi, for organising such an event.

Our Senses – Lesson – Year 1.3 – Ms. Sherise

During this lesson students used their senses to touch, smell, feel, hear and taste water.

In these pictures, students are tasting water with salt; lemon and sugar.

Eco Skola Elections

During the first weeks of this scholastic year we have held the elections for the Ecoskola council. Pupils from year 3 till year 6 were encouraged to contest for the elections and we had a very good turnover of contenders. The voting was done online using the Ilearn voting system. Each class teacher inputted the names of the pupils who contested. A big thanks goes to Miss Giles, our IT support teacher, for her precious help in coordinating the system.

The pupils promoted themselves to gain votes from their peers by preparing charts from recycled material and by doing speeches in front of the whole class. With this initiative pupils had the opportunity to address a large number of people and enhance their creativity on what they can do to improve their school.

In order to ensure that all eligible pupils had their chance to vote, the voting process was spread over 2 days. Once the voting processes was complete, the pupil with the highest votes from each class was determined. These pupils are going to represent their classmates and all the school during the Ecoskola council meetings. These meetings are going to be held every fourth night during the midday break.

The names of the students who were elected on the Ecoskola council are:

Class 3.1     Mariah Refalo

Class 3.2     Xylon Abela

Class 3.3     Mathew Camilleri

Class 4.1     Kayden Grech

Class 4.2     Danica Micallef

Class 4.3     Iker Buontempo

Class 5.1     Kane Hudson

Class 5.2     Maya Sammut

Class 5.3     Mariah Scembri

Class 6.1     Janice Farrugia

Class 6.2     Maleck Haj Moussa

Class 6.3     Zack Bezzina

A big well done to all these pupils.

Mr. Malcolm Aquilina

Ecoskola co-ordinator

Year 1.3 – Getting to know the Happy House characters

First week of school

Successful participation in Comenius Project People Planet Profit

The project People Planet Profit , has come to an end, but for sure it has been a memorable experience for the pupils  and teachers, from St Venera Primary, St Theresa College  who have enjoyed working together with students  and teachers, from Holland, Germany, and Slovakia on this.

The aim of this project was to encourage the children to open up to others, become better friends even with children from other countries. The children enjoyed working together during projects locally and internationally. There were 4 trips in all with pupils involved, the first was to Boxmeer Holland where 8 of our pupils together with their teachers Ms Simone Calaio and Mr Bernardo Riolo   learnt about waste processing and the advantages of reducing , re-using and recycling. The second mobility was to Lingen Germany, where the teachers Mr Emanuel Busutil and Project Co-ordinator Veronique Sultana took 6 children to Lingen Germany. It was a great experience, making friends, and experiencing a new country for the first time for some of the pupils.Here they learnt all about compost making. The third trip was to Poprad Slovakia where 4 pupils were accompanied by Ms Miriam Spiteri Delia and Ms Sandra Bajada. Here they learnt about endangered animals around the world. Finally the project came to an end once again in Boxmeer, where the children together with their teachers Mr Malcolm Aqilina and Ms Graziella Spiteri learnt all about alternative energy in the land of windmills.

There were also two visits by all participating countries to Malta where the whole school, especially the older classes had a chance, to work together, play together, and learn together, during various activities organised by our school, including a talent show, an international night, visits to Imdina, Valletta and the beautiful St John’s Co-Cathedral, and a whole day in Gozo to see the historical temples of Ggantija and the fortifications of Cittadella.  While in Malta we worked on Fair trade with the Help of Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust, and Alternative energy by visiting the Xrobb l-Ghagin Nature Park and Sustainable Centre.

All the pupils and teachers involved in the project feel satisfied and lucky of being part of such a great project.  Every one had loads of fun,and learned a lot  about how to make our planet more sustainable while creating memories that none of us will never forget. A big thanks to EUPA, the head of school Ms Rita Azzopardi, the project co-ordinators Bernardo Riolo and Veronique Sultana as well as all teachers and staff that made this experience possible.

School Carnival Class Photos